Cerro Gordo County Jail Information

The Cerro Gordo County is an administrative body situated in the state of Iowa in the United States of America. The Cerro Gordo county jail falls under the operation of the county’s sheriff’s department’s management.

Quick Information About The Jail

Address: Cerro Gordo County Jail, 17262 Lark Avenue, Mason City, IA, 50401, State: Iowa, County: Cerro Gordo county.

Phone Number: +1 641-421-3000.

The daily average of inmates: 69.

Full-time employees: 22.

Website: https://www.cgcounty.org/departments/sheriff/

The location is historically significant as it was the focal point of the American Mexican civil war.

Cerro Gordo county jail
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There are several inmates currently present inside. All inmates involved in this facility are serving a sentence of no more than two years. It can house a total number of sixty-nine inmates currently.

The Technicalities of The Cerro Gordo County Jail

How to lookup an inmate:

As mentioned earlier, the Cerro Gordo county sheriff’s department is the authority who manages the given jail.

The present jail roster and the arrests are open to the knowledge of the general public. It can easily find on the Cerro Gordo sheriff department’s website.

The details and different web files are regularly updated with new information.

The information on an inmate upon successful search in the rooster will appear in this manner:

The jail’s authority allows the friends and family of the convalescents inside of the county jail. They can send books, newspapers; also magazines can be sent to them.

To use the phones or purchase things from the resources, the inmates inside of Cerro Gordo county jail will require a small fund in their account.

There are several methods of sending funds to inmates:

Send via online

This can be done with the help of the access corrections website to transfer the necessary funds online. To process further, there is a requirement of account opening.

By phone:

The number of 642-421-3004 can be used to deposit the funds for the inmate’s account via a cell phone. This service is not free of costs.


The kiosk inside of the Cerro Gordo county jail that runs between 7:30 am -11:00 pm.

Via calls

Cerro Gordo county jail has a telephoning service, and it allows the inmates to make and collect calls from subjected members. It is not possible to use a cell phone to call people from inside the jail.

The maximum call duration allowed is merely fifteen minutes. After the time is exhausted, the call disconnects on its own.

Rules For Visiting The Inmates At The Cerro Gordo County Jail

The Unique History Of The Cerro Gordo County Jail

American Indians of the northern Iowa region are known to be the first inhabitants of the area. They were known to have existed for centuries. They belonged from different tribes such as the Sioux. Winnebago, Sauk, among the many other tribes.

The general assembly on January 15 in 1851, there was a meeting in Iowa City. The meeting was significant as it carved the western and northern regions of Iowa. The fifty different counties of the legislations were set off at the same time. This made clear after that the Cerro Gordo County became a part of the Floyd. It falls under the location of Mason City.

The county is an integral part of the Mexican war origin. The literal meaning of Cerro Gordo is a rocky hill or far hill; this was gifted to the location in the year 1851. The place has several limestone deposits; hence it was known as the lime creek area and the shell rock river valley.

Latest updates of jail policy

This week the prison has introduced different restrictions set to combat the coronavirus infection. Some of which are as follows:

The State Regulations For The Jail

Deaths of specific inmates should be mentioned as it occurs to the Iowa Department of Corrections.

The Cerro Gordo county sheriff
Image Source: https://northiowatoday.com/2015/12/01/iowa-dci-investigating-inmate-death-at-cerro-gordo-county-jail/

The jails are managing locally and have yearly inspections on behalf of the state and are subject to the administrative rules that are mentioned by the state agency.

Inmates present at a time are asked required health screening questions during the booking period. Inmates have the liberty to ask for appointments from the nurse practitioner.

Various intercom systems can be used to call up the staff members within the jail for emergencies and other vital concerns.

Recently, after the controversial death of a Cerro Gordo county, jail inmate. Many authorities claim that the inmate was a victim of foul play. However, the autopsy conducted later hinted that there were no existing signs that would suggest trauma.

After the recent coronavirus pandemic, many of the state public defenders are pushing the authorities to write for the release of the inmate in several of the jails, including the Iowa Cerro Gordo county jail.

Many experts considered jails to be highly susceptible to infection.

Many of the courts in the region have postponed their cases except for the ones that fall under high priority criteria.

Of now, the count seems to have 1500 warrants that are still outstanding.

Most of the information is now available online, making things more transparent for the general and the local public. This enables people to provide meaningful assistance to law enforcement.

It is a good step towards finding numbers on the wanted lists as it ensures easy and quick identification.

All efforts are made to post the most up to date and legit information on the portal for the betterment of the residents in Iowa.

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